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10 Icons & 4 Wallpapers

02 The Client List
02 Stargate Universe
02 No Reservations
02 Eva Green
02 Rupert Grint
+ 4 Wallpapers

For the "A Dozen To Go Please" Challenge at landofart, where we were given an inspiration list to make art from. I was given:

username: wearestarrdust
1. A Current TV Show: The Client List
2. A Cancelled TV Show: Stargate Universe
3. A Movie (include year): No Reservations (2007)
4. A Famous Actress: Eva Green
5. A Famous Actor: Rupert Grint
6. A Famous Band/Singer: We Came As Romans
7. Title of a Book or Fanfic: The Big Sleep
8. Something in Nature: Idylic English sea-side villages
9. A color: Pale pink
10. A Season: Autum
11. List 3 Adjectives: Beautiful. Enchanting, Amiable
12. A Lyric from a song: Listen to the rain, here it comes again. (Enya - It's in the rain)

10 Icons

(inspirations used: The Client List, Stargate Universe, No Reservations, Eva Green, Beautiful, Rupert Grint)

4 Wallpapers

1366x768 (click again for full size)

1366x768 (click again for full size)

1366x768 (click again for full size)

(click again for full size)

(inspirations used: Stargate Universe, Pale pink, No Reservations, Eva Green, Beautiful, Enchanting)

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